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Get 1 on 1 attention and quickly improve in multiple areas of the game. Most team coaches neglect the unique needs of the player. With attention to detail, a player can go move from average to elite.  We will be constructing creativity and skill while also working with pressure and defensive body position.

5 Sessions = $50 Per Session
Time: 1:10min

GROUP TRAINING (6-8 players)

Customize a group training session to work with the goals and needs of a small group.  In group training, each player will get individual attention while working with multiple players on similar defined skill or goal.

8 Session = $25 Per player
Time: 1:10min

TEAM TRAINING (14 players)

Schedule professional team training to supplement the current training.  Identify team strengths and weaknesses and work with an IB1on1 trainer to sharpen and instruct with a full team approach.

3 Session = $10 per player
Time: 1:10min

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